So far it is going very well, thank you. Today is the last day of my first month and so far I have grown 2 inches. Although this is my husband's email address I am the one who went for the new product of carob-fire. So far so good. Looking to gain more inches this next week.

Sara Ashtan
Age: 30

Just thought I would share so that you know what a blessing this product is for me. I am quite a skeptical person, so this has been quite a shock to me to have seen the astonishing results. My height was 5'1 so now 5'7 i have gained 6 inches this is really shocking me. I feel sure I should be able to reach my goal which if 6 ft~ Thanks for your encouragement!

Bun Mane

Dear Customer Service,

I have completed 4 months of the Carob-Fire MAX. I measure my height at drug store once a week so this last week i measured 1 inch more and 8 inches in total thanks i grew taller as you promised.
I just wanted to drop you a note that as to date I have grown 8 icnhes, I am very excited! I know that I have been given enough time and regular use of carob-fire until i gain a significant amount of height.
The great thing that not only am growing in height but my clothes fit differently so I know that I am growing inches . Isn't that what it's all about? I have an abundance of energy and my focus level is clearer than it has been in years.....FOR REAL
I don't think of this as a day trip, but as a journey!! I have said it before, I am totally committed and that makes all the difference in the world! Thanks for you support.

Dona Matar

I have measured my height at over 1 inch taller, and l have just started using Carob Fire 5 weeks ago.

Mary SHAW, Age 27,from New York,USA

After l have used Carobfire for over 1 month, l have increased 3 cm.Before that l was only 1.48cm now lam 1.51cm even if l work very hard my body still feel very fit,this is all because of Carob Fire Booster.Thank you very much.

Bob CHETO,Age 22, from California,USA

I am a model here in Delhi,lindia and wanted  to grow taller.l saw your commercial ad in a magazine and decided to give your product a fair chance. l have grown over 2 inches in less than 3 months by using your product.Thanks alot Carob Fire !

Reem PURI,Age 25,from Delhi,India

Sending this email to inform your company that I'm so happy with your Carob fire growth booster supplement.My son has grown over three inches in 8 months.Your product is the is a must try for everyone.

Louisa FERRER, Paris,Frans

l'M most pleased with the results.I gained 2 inches and lam 24.Thanks to CarobFire my worries are gone.

James WHITE, from Baltimore,USA

A friend told me about this product and I decided to give it a try. I couldn’t believe it when my height changed permanently.When I looked in the mirror and actually saw better posture and growth.I almost went into shock.I wasn’t expecting results after a month and a half.I challenge you to try it and see for yourself!

Garie BARATHAM,Age 18,from Bukit Batok,Singapore

I have grown 3 cm in just after one month of using the product.l strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to grow taler.

Charles BECK,Age 29, from London,UK

I am 27 and have stopped growing for the past 7 years.After using your product I have started growing again.l have grown from 5,5” to 5,7”. Thank you very much.

Budi THAMRIN,from Jakarta Indonesia

This product really Works and I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from shortness of  height.

Misora MIHASHI, Age 21, from Osaka,Japan


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